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Adobe Creative Suite used on The Social Network and Avatar.

I am becoming increasingly glad that I chose Adobe Premiere as my editing program of choice when I first started editing. It wasn’t so much of a choice though, I suppose, as I didn’t have a mac so Final Cut Pro was out of the question and other options were either far too expensive or too cheap and unprofessional. As it turned out I managed to pick up a copy of Adobe Premiere bundled free with a specialist video editing graphics card. I seem to remember that it bizarrely worked out cheaper to buy it this way than to get the software on its own. I’m sure it was less than half the price of what it costs today, but even at that for a university student in Glasgow working part time it was a big outlay. It turned out to be a good investment as upgrades are usually reasonably priced.

It wasn’t without its issues in those days though. Hardware conflicts, crashes, corrupt files and sluggish performance were all regular occurrences. It makes using Premiere these days a joy in a way that you might not appreciate if you hadn’t struggled with it in the past. With the CUDA hardware acceleration performance is now smooth and fast so my machine can now work at the same pace as me. This allows my mind to be making creative decisions rather than constantly thinking about and making allowances for the software I am using.

So now seeing blockbuster Hollywood movies such as The Social Network and Avatar made on the same software that I am using for corporate video production and so on is pretty reassuring.

Image and links from the adobe site: http://www.adobe.com/uk/products/aftereffects/showcase.html

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